Organic Weed Control

Glyphosate Toxicity: Roundup Chemical Weed Control

Roundup, and related herbicides with glyphosate as an active ingredient, are advertised as products that can “eradicate weeds and unwanted grasses effectively with a high level of environmental safety.” However, an independent, accurate evaluation of their health and environmental hazards can draw conclusions very different from those presented in the ads. The Facts Don’t Lie. […]

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Organic Weed Control for Lawns & Gardens

Weeds Suck! It’s a scientific fact. Well, OK, maybe it’s not so scientific, but, if you ask any farmer, gardener or homeowner, virtually all of them will tell you how much they hate weeds – and, even moreso, how much they hate trying to get rid of them. Of course, not all of them are […]

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Long Term Effective Weed Control

Every year billions of dollars are spent on weed killing chemicals, and, in general, they are a pretty effective and relatively immediate short-term weed control fix. Unfortunately, the overall expense to your farm can be dramatically higher than you realize, and that expense is taking it’s toll on your profits, and, ultimately, the future viability […]

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