Organic Pest Control

Critters wreaking havoc on your plants is always a big issue, whether you’re an organic gardener or not. Insects, moles, rabbits, deer, racoons … they all can pose a threat to your organic gardening efforts. Fortunately, you’ll find here articles related to some of the best and most natural ways to implement organic pest control practices in YOUR lawn or garden or on your farm.

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Organic Grub Control Home Remedies

When dealing with grubs, you should first determine if they are really causing a problem. Pull up a 1 ft. square section of sod and turn over the soil below. If you see more than 4 or 5 grubs, then you may have a problem; any less than that is not enough to worry about. […]

Organic Ant Control

An infestation of ants in your lawn can be a very unsightly problem. Anthills don’t exactly add to the aesthetic qualities of your yard or garden. However, getting rid of them can be tough. Ants are resilient and tend to keep coming back unless you actually kill them. So, for those of you who are […]

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