Mark S. Carlson – Golf Manager

September 25, 1992

Peter L. Clark
Executive Vice President
915 Tower Avenue
Superior, WI 54880

Dear Mr. Clark:

After using AGGRAND Natural Organic Lawn and Garden Fertilizer through-out the 1991 growing season, I wanted to appraise you of our experiences and our conclusions regarding your product. As Superintendent of Namadji Municipal Golf Course, Superior, WI, I am fully qualified to provide these observations.

We began using AGGRAND on all ornamental shrubs, trees and flowers around our clubhouse and on the tee areas. Previous to using AGGRAND the plants were weak, lethargic and had little ability to develop or hold blossoms. Insofar as vigorous and attractive landscaping is essential to the public perception of our facility, we felt it was wise to focus the attributes of AGGRAND on those areas.

After using AGGRAND Natural Organic Lawn and Garden Fertilizer for only a short time, perhaps two applications, it was apparent that the ornamentals and flowers underwent a substantial transformation. The plants universally were far more vigorous and had developed a large number of buds and blossoms. The blossoms, as well, remained full and vibrant far longer than we had ever previously experienced. Patrons of the Course were enthusiastic in their praise of the appearance of the landscape plants.

Previously, Nemadji Municipal Golf Course had used Miracle-Gro exclusively. Henceforth, we will use nothing but AGGRAND Natural Organic Lawn and Garden Fertilizer. AGGRAND has demonstrated exceptional effectiveness and is more economical to use than Miracle-Gro.

We are now undertaking a broad field test regimen with AGGRAND. Based on our previous experience, we believe that AGGRAND will have a place in our turf maintenance program. I will inform you of those results as they occur.


Robert Distel