Ran across this “Howdini” organic gardening how to video today which as an interview with Scott Meyer, the editor of Organic Gardening Magazine. It’s not overly complicated and provides some really good basic tips for getting started with an organic vegetable garden.

How big should the garden be? Where should you put it? How should you prep the soil? Or do you need to prep the soil at all – maybe not if you use the “lasagna method”. How late is too late to start? Etc.

Additional Resources to Get You Started

Of course, as I said, this is a relatively basic video. There will likely be other questions you might have regarding growing an organic vegetable garden. Where do you turn for those answers?

Well, first, a good organic fertilizer can be pretty useful, especially in the beginning, while you’re working on building your soil to the point where it is relatively self-sustaining. AGGRAND liquid organic fertilizer is a great inexpensive and all-purpose natural fertilizer that will give you great results.

Some Books You Might Want to Consider

It always pays to do some reading on the topic before you get started. This website is a great resource, but, there will still likely be more information needed. So, some of the books below may come in handy.

Garden Primer Front CoverGarden Primer: Second Edition – This new edition of the “Garden Primer” is extremely well reviewed on Amazon and is really quite cheap. Moreover, the newest edition has gone completely organic. Looks to be a terrific resource for a beginning (or even an established) organic gardener. Check it out. Should be an excellent companion to the other resources offered here.

I am an Amazon Affiliate, so I earn a commission if you purchase this book. If that bothers you and you want to bypass me, simply search on Amazon.com for “Garden Primer”. The price will be the same, I just won’t earn a commission.

Worlds Best Compost – This is one is not quite as cheap, but is information that you won’t find anywhere else (even in the free “Composting for Organic Gardeners” book that I offer from this site). I own a copy of this book and the accompanying videos and I really did find this to be a fascinating read with some very practical advice that affects all aspects of gardening (whether vegetable or ornamental). Definitely worth a look.

I would earn a commission if you were to purchase this book. If that bothers you, simply go directly to WorldsBestCompost.com and bypass me entirely.

Free Organic Gardening Books & Info

If you’re not really in a position to purchase one or more books on organic gardening, there are some free ones that you could utilize to get you started.

Composting for Organic Gardeners – This is a REALLY comprehensive and completely free book that we offer to all of our website visitors. Just click this link for details and then come back here for some additional resources.

Organic Gardening Beginner’s Manual – This one is a Kindle Book from Amazon. If you happen to have a Kindle (or an Ipad with the Free Kindle App), you can read this book. It’s free if you’re an Amazon Prime member. If not, it’s just $2.99 (at least at this time). Reviews of the book are all 4 and 5 stars, so it should prove to be a good read.

Soil and Health Resources – On this page you will find a long list of free articles/books on the topic of natural gardening and soil health. Many may prove useful. All are free.