Ran across this video today which discusses how to divide and propagate plants as a way to minimize the costs associated with flower gardening so you can save money. Many plants are actually quite adept at developing a new root system just from a stem cutting from another plant. In other words, cut off an off-shoot stem from a plant you like, and place that stem into a growing pot with some good potting soil.

Keep it moist and, in short order, your new cutting will develop a brand new root system and begin growing into it’s own little plant. Moreover, the plant you took it from will actually grow “fuller” as a result of the cutting you took.

My suggestion: read up on what plants grow best from a simple cutting, and then buy one of each of them that you like and that will fit into your landscape or flower garden plan. Then, when you get them home, divide them like crazy and create a dozen new plants from the one you bought.

Of course, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to see the plant grow nice and full and produce large numbers of beautiful blossoms, but you’ll save a TON of money in the process. Worth considering.

Here’s the Video on Propagating Plants

wikiHow Shows You Cutting Step by Step

The video above is a nice intro to propagating new plants from cuttings, but the following wikiHow article is a bit more detailed, with some good pictures of how best to cut your plants step-by-step:

How to Grow Cuttings from Established Plants: You can grow more plants from the ones you have already in your garden! It’s easy to do and is a great way to increase your plants, especially those that are rare, heritage or expensive.

Best Plants to Grow from Cuttings

Here’s another good resource from HGTV, but, at the end they give a list of the top 18 best plants to grow from cuttings. Worth taking a look if this is something you’re considering.

Propagating from CuttingsTake a Cutting and Make It Grow – Forget for a moment that taking cuttings is a practical and inexpensive way of making more plants. Forget, too, that science has solved the mystery of how and why a piece of stem can form roots. So with all practical considerations aside, think of taking cuttings as just plain fun. Science may hold the answers and explanations about why stem cells can produce roots, but it’s still a remarkable process.