Organic Gardening

How to: Cuttings to Propagate a Plant & Save Money

Ran across this video today which discusses how to divide and propagate plants as a way to minimize the costs associated with flower gardening so you can save money. Many plants are actually quite adept at developing a new root system just from a stem cutting from another plant. In other words, cut off an […]

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An Organic Garden? Really?

20+ years ago, an organic garden was thought to be irrational. Today it’s very common & you can garden organically too with AGGRAND Organics.

Honestly, organic gardening is, in reality, a very straightforward way of thinking. For a long time, gardeners have been growing vegetables without using chemicals. The first settlers of this great country didn’t possess Miracle-Gro or Sevin Dust, but they made out perfectly.

It is only logical that we must be able to utilize the same techniques and obtain the same results as they did. We must grow food utilizing God’s creation as an alternative to concoctions delivered in a chemist’s laboratory. However, curiosity about organic gardening …

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How to Grow an Organic Garden

Ran across this “Howdini” organic gardening how to video today which as an interview with Scott Meyer, the editor of Organic Gardening Magazine. It’s not overly complicated and provides some really good basic tips for getting started with an organic vegetable garden. How big should the garden be? Where should you put it? How should […]

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