As a farmer you face one of the most difficult, most dangerous and most demanding jobs that anyone could possibly imagine. Most people don’t realize the risk you take every single year when you invest your hard earned profits back into your farm in hopes that this year’s production will be at least as good as last year’s and that this year’s profits will be too.

Between the uncertainty of the weather and the uncertainty of fuel, fertilizer and seed prices from year to year, it’s tough to get a handle on just what your expenses are going to be from season to season, much less what sort of profit you might be able to expect when it’s all said and done.

In fact, just last night, watching the Super Bowl, the best ad all night was a RAM Trucks ad which played a Paul Harvey clip that I think really sums up the life of a farmer pretty well. If you missed it, it’s worth watching. And, if you did see it, it’s worth watching again because you deserve to be commended for doing a job that not many are able or willing to do, and even fewer realize the difficulty of:

[ic_youtube loop=”1″ refresh=”never” keyword=”paul harvey farmer”]

Protect Your Family and Your Farm

Whether your profits are meager or considerable, it is those profits from year to year which make sure that your family is well cared for and your farm stays afloat to be passed down to the next generation. Without profit, there is no farm. So, it pays to do everything you can to increase those profits as far as possible without compromising the health of the land, the health of your animals, the health of your family or the high moral standard that you live by.

That is what this page is all about. Helping you to increase your farm profits in a way that you’ll feel good about and that your family and your God will be proud of. Expenses for fuel, fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, seed, vet bills, antibiotics and the significant cost of high animal mortality rates all cut into your bottom line. IF those costs can be reduced, there is no question that your profits will climb.

Moreover, whether you’re growing crops, raising livestock or running a dairy, if you can increase production and/or improve quality, you will make more money. It’s really very simple. Unfortunately, it often seems that it’s nearly impossible to do all three – cut expenses AND increase production AND improve quality. That trifecta is the “Holy Grail” that every farmer spends his life chasing in one way or another, whether it’s their “main” focus or not.

What if You COULD Do All Three?

What if it really was possible to reduce virtually every major expense on your farm while at the same time increasing production AND improving quality. How would that affect your bottom line? What would that do for the stability of your farm? How would it affect your family and the likelihood of being able to pass the fruits of all your hard work down to your children?

I submit that it IS possible to do all three and that the results of such a change could have a dramatic effect on not only your farm, but your family and your legacy. And, as “over the top” as this may sound, if I’m right, wouldn’t it be foolish not to at least consider what I have to say?

Please take some time to read through this page and those that are linked from it (as well as some of the many other informative articles I provide on this site) to see whether you think it’s worth at least TESTING whether my recommendations really can help you accomplish all that I say they can.