Obviously, I’m in favor of individuals, companies and organizations doing all they can feasibly and reasonably do to protect the environment – I wouldn’t be using/selling organic fertilizers and promoting organic growing methods if that were not so. But, it would seem to me that if we allow the EPA to get away with using unmanned drones to spy on US farmers from above, we have lost all sense of freedom and liberty in this country. We may as well well turn over all our property to the government and submit to surgical implantation of tracking devices because this is not that far from it.

Using these drones, which are ALREADY surveying Nebraska farmers, to simply scan and take pictures of any and all farms within flying range is not only completely unconstitutional, but, at it’s very core is simply WRONG on all fronts.

When are we going to start standing up against this sort of thing? Wake up people. Your desire for government protection from “all things bad” is turning us into a police state. When do we start valuing FREEDOM over the FALSE sense of security provided by constant government intervention?

More Info Related to EPA Drones & US Farmers

EPA drones spy on farmers in Nebraska and Iowa – An article posted to Yahoo News from “The Daily Caller” discussing the issue.

More EPA Drone vs US Farmers Articles and Webpages from Google News – Check out opposing sides of this topic by reading through some of the articles linked to from Google News. As much as we may want to clean up the environment, is it worth having the government involved in it, if this is the direction they are going to go?

Anytime you give up your freedom in exchange for “government protection” they are going to overstep the boundaries you originally THOUGHT were obvious. It is the nature of government to push for more and more power. They can’t help themselves.