This is probably the most amazing video I have watched in years because it rings so true and it is so simple. The following film is a documentary that explains in simple terms how it is possible to grow a fantastic garden, crop, orchard or just about anything else with minimal effort and maximum reward.

You’ve probably read all sorts of sales pitches telling you how someone will show you how to grow the most amazing “X” you’ve ever seen or tasted, and it will only cost you $X.00. Well, there may be some value in some of those courses, and I’m not saying none of them are worth buying or that the authors/creators of such information products are knowingly selling you a bill of goods.

Most of them genuinely believe that the information they are providing is worth what they are charging, and they may very well be right. BUT, in the video below you’re going to hear about and hear from a man who genuinely just wants to help people be self-sufficient and begin to learn to garden the way that nature does.

According to Paul Gautschi, it doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to involve an over-abundance of effort or expense. This is truly “organic gardening” at it’s most fundamental and basic level, and, as a result, it is extremely efficient and productive.

Note: for some reason, the video below (which is embeded from Vimeo) sometimes does not show an initial graphic. Click inside the box and the video will load, although it will take a moment for it to start.

So, What About AGGRAND Fertilizer?

The obvious question that one should ask following watching the above video is, “What about your fertilizer? Do I actually need it?”

The honest answer is, maybe not, at least in the long run. I’ve always told people that, as they get their soil in balance, they will need less and less of our products to get good growth from their plants and crops. AGGRAND is a product that helps fortify the soil, increases microbial activity and improves humus development – all positives for good soil development.

Of course, the video above shows that it is not NECESSARY to use AGGRAND products to accomplish that goal. Just spreading wood chips over an area will do the trick. The only issue is that it can take some time before the soil is really going to be where you want it. In the meantime your plants won’t be receiving the full nutrition that they need. During this interim, utilizing AGGRAND organic fertilizer products will ensure that your plants get the nutrition they need, while you’re building your soil.

So, AGGRAND products are NOT a necessity, but can be a very useful tool to help you get where you are ultimately heading – to a well balanced plot that will grow exceptionally healthy and hearty plants and produce without the use of any fertilizer at all.

Happy gardening 🙂