Organic Growing

Exactly What Is “Organic”?

What does it mean for something to be “organic”? What does it mean to grow something organically? Why should you care whether something is organic or not? What difference does it make? Well, personally, I think it matters quite a bit, but I also think that some people put TOO much emphasis on the term, […]

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Honeybees, Pollination & Evolution

So, with the recent uproar over bee colony collapses around the world, I happened to be thinking the other day about the relationship between bees, pollination, crops & the like – and something occurred to me: How can the pollination of plants by honeybees and birds and such fit into the evolutionary narrative? It Makes […]

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Effective MicroOrganisms – Activation Procedure

Effective Microorganisms are a significant advancement in soil microbial science, and will be a tremendous advantage to you in the process to re-balance the soil profile of your lawn, garden or landscaping. This article discuses some of the benefits of using EM and also details how to get 20 times the result from the same amount of EM (activate it).

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Increase BRIX for Better Plant Health

Higher BRIX means healthier & more nutrient rich plants and produce. Higher BRIX means less disease, less insects & longer produce shelf-life.

So, What Exactly IS Brix? Well, often Brix is referred to as the “sugar” or sucrose content of a plant or the produce from it, but this is a very simplistic and incomplete view of Brix. Although a high Brix value certainly indicates high sugar content, in actuality, Brix refers to the total …

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Back to Eden Wood Chip Gardening

This is probably the most amazing video I have watched in years because it rings so true and it is so simple. The following film is a documentary that explains in simple terms how it is possible to grow a fantastic garden, crop, orchard or just about anything else with minimal effort and maximum reward. […]

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