wholesale organic farm fertilizer

It’s the American way, right? Well, for some of us anyway.

The point is, buying in bulk saves money, whether you’re buying corn for the family or fertilizer for your fields. So, as a farm, it makes sense that, the more fertilizer you can purchase at once, the better your price should be. And, that’s why AGGRAND offers wholesale pricing on our organic farm fertilizer products.

Wholesale for Big and Small Farms Alike

And, fortunately, we don’t offer those wholesale prices only to the largest of farms. Just about any farmer can get bulk wholesale prices on our organic agricultural fertilizers. Whether you’ve got 20 acres or 2,000 acres, we can help you, and we can do it for a price you can afford.

Depending upon your crop or application, it’s possible to get AGGRAND fertilizer costs down to $15 per acre per application or even lower. And, for smaller farmers, it’s still very possible to get your price into the $20 – $25 per acre per application range. And, that’s for a highly effective, completely natural, organic farm fertilizer.

Wholesale pricing even for smaller organic farms. What a concept. Take a look at some of the following pages for details:

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