AGGRAND fertilizer products are incredible, all natural, organic, and completely universal fertilizers that have been proven time and time again to increase yield, improve taste and quality and minimize insect and disease problems. What does that mean to you:

– Increased Profits
– Decreased Costs
– Increased Buyer Loyalty
– Decreased Risk of Chemical Toxicity

Hay Operations:

Reduce fertilizer costs to as low as $15-$30 per acre per application (typically 2-4 apps per season). Even very small farmers can reduce costs to as low as $20-$40 per acre per application.

The following testimonials of hay growers paint a pretty clear picture of the benefits offered by AGGRAND:

Incredible AGGRAND Yields
AGGRAND Doubled My Crop
5 Cuttings in One Season

Other Farming Operations:

Expect a wider range in fertilizer costs, depending upon the crop and farm size, but, in most cases, expect costs to range between $15 and $60 per acre per application.

With chemical fertilizer costs skyrocketing to as much as $600/ton, fertilizing with organic fertilizers from AGGRAND has never been so attractive. Whether you have considered using organic fertilizers before or not, you cannot afford to dismiss this opportunity.

AGGRAND products CAN increase the profitability of your farming operation. Consider the PDF documents below as you research our products, and feel free to browse the rest of this site for more information via the links at the right.

Application of AGGRAND

AGGRAND Crop Application Guide
AGGRAND Hay/Pasture App Rates
Application Rates for Other Crops
Gardening Guide
Benefits of Liquid Fertilizer
Foliar, Soil & Transplant Applications

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AGGRAND Testimonials

You’ll find some farming specific testimonials at the link below:

Farming Specific AGGRAND Testimonials

Testing Information

Cabbage Testing
Testing Proves AGGRAND

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