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Fulvic Acid vs Humic Acid Chelation

It is important to note that humus, humic acids, humates and their full soil function are as yet only somewhat understood by even the most advanced of agricultural scientists. Much is still unknown. However, what IS known is that if your soil is lacking these substances (and most soils these days are CRITICALLY lacking), all […]

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N-P-K: Exposing The Mystery of Fertilizer Numbers

The NPK fertilizer numbers on a bag or bottle of fertilizer can be pretty confusing. This article unravels the mystery so you can better understand what they mean and how to use them to make educated fertilizer purchases.

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Free Organic Fertiliser: Do It Yourself

If you’d love to be applying a high quality liquid organic fertiliser (or fertiliZer, depending upon where you live) to your garden or landscaping, here’s a quick little video tutorial on how to do so with basic kitchen scraps, worms and water. You gotta love this guy’s Australian accent. The video is worth watching if […]

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Free Organic Fertiliser: Everyone Makes It

Not much to post here except to let you know that I’ve posted a new video to my YouTube Channel and thought you might like to know. It’s a “training video” to help you create your own free organic fertiliser (or fertilizer, if you’re in the US). Check it out below. Link to this post!

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