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AGGRAND All Natural Liquid Bonemeal

AGGRAND Liquid Bonemeal contains 12% readily available phosphate, which aids in plant establishment & production of prolific blooms & top quality fruits. Fast & slow release phosphorus naturally derived from bonemeal means that plants receive an immediate boost as well as a long-term, sustained source of readily available phosphorus for continued root, blossom and fruit development.

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Bonemeal is recommended for application during transplanting of vegetable and flower starts, and planting of bulbs and seeds. Phosphorus increases root development which produces …

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Ordering & Shipping Info

AGGRAND offers 5 very effective liquid natural organic plantcare products, including: liquid fish and kelp fertilizer, our “Organic Series” fish and kelp fertilizer, liquid bonemeal, liquid lime and a kelp and sulfate of potash product. Please read below to learn about these products and how to order them. Bulk Wholesale Pricing for Farmers, Etc. For […]

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