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Building Raised Garden Beds for Organic Gardening with Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs

Hi I’m Doug Green from www.douggreensgarden.con and I want to show you how to build raised garden beds with a minimum of fuss and muss. Carpentry comes first – The first step after nailing together the boards (they’re 2×8’s – 8 feet long) and it took three of them to make this rectangle. They’re common spruce and not pressure treated or cedar as i wanted to make some inexpensive beds – we tend to move things around at this stage of our garden building so if they rot out in a few years, I’ll simply build good ones where I know I want them to stay.

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How to Grow an Organic Garden

Ran across this “Howdini” organic gardening how to video today which as an interview with Scott Meyer, the editor of Organic Gardening Magazine. It’s not overly complicated and provides some really good basic tips for getting started with an organic vegetable garden. How big should the garden be? Where should you put it? How should […]

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