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Organic Fish Kelp Seaweed Fertilizer: Tech Info

AGGRAND’S unique formulation of fish solubles, marine kelp, and microbial activator finally brings a user friendly organic product to the customer. While there has always been fish and kelp available to the consumer, they have developed a premixed formula and incorporated a microbial activator in the mix to make it a one of a kind [...]

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AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer Helps Chemist’s Orchids

Dr. Jim Chan of Martinez, Calif. is a retired industrial chemist who has started using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 on his orchids.

“I have been interested in raising orchids since I was a boy growing up in Singapore,” Chan said.

Chan did the research and discovered AGGRAND natural fertilizers online. He made contact with the company and was referred to a Dealer. “AGGRAND’s 4-3-3 fish emulsion interested me greatly. It is formulated with kelp, which would add an excellent ‘wetter-sticker,’ or surfactant-like, property to the product,” he said.

“Some ingredient in the fish emulsion, kelp, or both, may have

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Experts Discuss Fish Emulsion & Seaweed

It’s nice to see testimonials from average users, but sometimes it’s nice to hear what the experts in the field of organic gardening and lawncare say about a product. This is the place to find out: Rodale Press, Chemical Free Yard & Garden “Seaweed can … make plants more resistent to drought and diseases.” Lee [...]

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