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Natural Fertilizer & Lawn Care Info

Organic Lawn Care Tips Your family, friends and pets are just too precious not to protect them. Moving to more natural, organic lawn care and fertilization methods is one way to help keep them safe. Unfortunately, many people believe that organic lawn care practices must be labor intensive and expensive. To be sure that CAN […]

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Fulvic Acid vs Humic Acid Chelation

It is important to note that humus, humic acids, humates and their full soil function are as yet only somewhat understood by even the most advanced of agricultural scientists. Much is still unknown. However, what IS known is that if your soil is lacking these substances (and most soils these days are CRITICALLY lacking), all […]

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How Do I Increase My Farm Profits?

As a farmer you face one of the most difficult, most dangerous and most demanding jobs that anyone could possibly imagine. Most people don’t realize the risk you take every single year when you invest your hard earned profits back into your farm in hopes that this year’s production will be at least as good […]

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AGGRAND Liquid “Organic Series” Fertilizer

Naturally Effective and Multi-Purpose AGGRAND Liquid “Organic Series” Fertilizer, just like our NON-certified liquid organic fertilizer is a multi-purpose liquid product that is ideal for all-around use on flowers, vegetables, fruits, lawns, shrubs, trees and field crops. AGGRAND is perfect for houseplants as well. This cost-effective organic fertilizer provides a uniquely bio-available source of nitrogen, […]

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Chemical Free Natural Lawn Fertilizer

Many people simply don’t realize the damage that chemical fertilizers can do to your lawn, your family, your pets and your groundwater. They also don’t realize many of the benefits offered by organic methods, even beyond that of the non-toxic nature of such methods. Chemical Plantcare: Positive Aspects: Heavy spring application of nitrogen concentrated fertilizer […]

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Why AGGRAND Liquid Organic Farm Fertilizer?

Because It Works, Of Course! Seriously, AGGRAND is a terrific product. It’s not “Superman in a Bottle”, but it really can do some amazing things for just about any crop you’re growing. Primarily, you’re going to get some very specific benefits from the AGGRAND product that you are not going to get from chemical fertilizers, […]

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Increase Your Dairy Farm Profits

Catapult Your Dairy Profits: Free PDF Report! “5 Simple Strategies to decrease dairy farming costs and increase profits”.

Whether you are growing hay to bale it or simply growing pasture grass for your own dairy farm, I can help you reduce costs and increase profits in an extremely simple and completely painless manner. And, unlike the nurse that normally says that before she sticks you with that HUGE needle, I really mean it – “This Won’t Hurt a Bit”.  It will actually be a …

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12 CRITICAL Reasons You Should Be Using AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer!

AGGRAND liquid organic fertilizer is truly the ultimate in fertilization products. Read this article to find out what makes AGGRAND so great and how it’s special blend of fish, kelp, bonemeal, sulfate of potash, molasses, humic acid and highly active soil microbes can benefit your lawn, landscaping, garden or crop.

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Product Shelf Life & Storage Info

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the product shelf life of AGGRAND products and best storage practices to maximize that shelf life. But, assuming that you follow the instructions listed below, you can expect a product shelf life of 2 years from your date of purchase for all AGGRAND products EXCEPT the Liquid Lime which is only 1 year. In order to achieve that maximum shelf life, please adhere to the following guidelines:

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