AGGRAND is not just a liquid lawn fertilizer, it’s an all-purpose, “Miracle in a Bottle”. Well, okay, “miracle” might be stretching things a bit. Only God Almighty has the power to perform actual miracles. But, many customers are absolutely floored by the results they see using the AGGRAND organic fertilizer. I believe you will be too.

AGGRAND does MORE.  It works wonderfully on grass, but you can apply our fertilizer to FAR more than just lawns. In addition to being completely natural, it is also completely universal. Use it for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, crops, fields and just about anything else that grows.

Learn How to Grow Healthy, Vigorous Plants
and Remove All of the Hassle
and Eliminate the Toxic Chemicals

Whether You Care About “Going Green” or Not …

AGGRAND should be your product of choice. Quite simply, it “hits all the buttons”, whether you’re a “greenie” or not. If you’re looking for a more natural fertilization option, it doesn’t get much more natural than AGGRAND. If you’re looking for a more universal fertilizer, you won’t find one. AGGRAND works extremely well on just about ANY plant.

Looking to save money? Believe it or not, with chemical fertilizer prices rising so high over the last few years, AGGRAND is not only considerably cheaper than most other organics, it’s cheaper than chemical fertilizers too.

It’s a win, win all the way around – whether you care about “going green” or not!

The Following is Critically Important

In fact, this is probably the some of the most important information you’re ever going to read. Why? Because it’s going to save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches while giving you the means to grow the healthiest, most vigorous lawn, landscape, garden or commercial crop you’ve ever seen.

AGGRAND Natural Organic Liquid Fertilizer offers you these 12 devastatingly crucial benefits:

  1. It’s Completely Non-Toxic: Allows you to protect your family, friends, pets, farm animals & customers from health damaging toxic chemical fertilizers.
  2. Friendly to the Environment: Why pollute our soil, lakes, rivers and streams with so many unnecessary chemicals, when AGGRAND is so effective and contains none of them?
  3. Non-Leaching Formula: The fertilizer you apply remains where you put it until your plants have an opportunity to make full use of those nutrients. Get more bang for your buck with less run-off.
  4. Incorporates Kelp Extracts: Our kelp is harvested from icy cold North Atlantic waters, which are nutrient dense & low toxicity. Thus, our kelp offers superior nutrition, supplying everything your plants need in exactly the right amounts.
  5. Liquid Concentrate for Super Simple Application: Simply spray it on with your garden hose, tank sprayer, irrigation system and/or sprinkler.
  6. Immediate Plant Absorbtion: Because our fertilizers are in liquid form, you’ll see immediate, observable results through foliar feeding (application directly to the leaves) – although soil application also works well.
  7. Extremely Cost Effective: That Means You Save Money! AGGRAND products typically cost less than many chemical fertilizers and virtually all other organics.
  8. Health Promoting Plant Hormones: Liquid kelp supplies cytokinins (plant hormones) which help to drastically reduce or eliminate the need for pesticides & fungicides typically applied to crops or lawns and landscaping.
  9. Stress Reducing Cytokinins: These same cytokinins also improve the drought and stress resistance of all of your plants, allowing for less watering and more resiliency during periods of drought.
  10. EXTREMELY Low Nitrogen: Because the nitrogen provided in AGGRAND 4-3-3 fertilizer is in a completely natural form, plants make more efficient use of it. Thus, the “less is more” motto really works in this case. The ultra low nitrogen content makes it virtually impossible to burn plants or cause excessive and unnecessary top-growth.
  11. Completely Universal: The fish/kelp formula is a superb multi-purpose fertilizer: spray it on everything that grows and be amazed with the results.
  12. Get a FREE Organic Lawncare Manual! If you prefer more natural lawncare methods, this book will be an invaluable resource, whether you choose AGGRAND or not.

Lawn Care Done Right

I used to own a lawncare business until I began selling organic fertilizer. It was frustrating watching all of those other companies coming in week after week and spraying some new chemical on someone’s lawn because the chemical they sprayed last week created some new problem. Of course, the homeowner didn’t know any better, they thought they were hiring a professional that knew all about growing a healthy lawn.

Unfortunately, many lawncare professionals are just doing what so many before them have done. Every problem that arises requires a new chemical to solve it. Why rethink it? They’re making money hand over fist. And, since this is the way the “professionals” do it, so does the do-it-yourself homeowner.

I’m here to tell you that there is a better way. You just need the right tools and the right game plan. There are so many organic plantcare products available today it boggles the mind. But which ones work? The truth is, they all work to a certain degree. It just depends upon how much work you’re willing to put into it, and how much money you’re willing to spend.

Organic Gardening Made Super Simple

There are alot of things that you can do to have a great organic garden – some quite time consuming – others not so much. But, one thing you can do to have a great organic garden without breaking your back or the bank is to use AGGRAND liquid organic fertilizer products. Not only will your fruits and veggies be completely organic, they’ll taste great and you won’t have to take a “master gardener” class to make it happen.

AGGRAND isn’t quite “Superman in a Bottle”, but it’s probably as close as you’re going to get, especially for a price this reasonable.

Organic Farming Becomes Affordable

Farmers these days are being stretched to the limit. Between all the local, state and federal government regulations and the increasingly high cost of chemical fertilizers, it’s tough to break even, much less make a profit.

I talk with numerous farmers everyday that are about at their wits end trying to find an affordable solution to their fertilization needs, and many have told me that AGGRAND is their “last hope” in many respects. If this doesn’t work, they’re not quite sure what they are going to do.

Fortunately, AGGRAND does work and works very well. Increase yields, improve taste, increase shelf life and get the premiums you desire using a completely natural product that feeds the plant AND the soil with everything it needs to rebalance soil chemistry and ecology so that your crops begin producing prolifically and at a substantial profit.

Whether you’re growing pasture grass, hay, potatoes, corn, soybeans, wheat or anything in between, there’s no crop that AGGRAND can’t help, and I guarantee that if you try it, you’ll never go back to conventional fertilizers.

Pay More or Pay Less … It’s Your Choice

Many organic fertilizers will cost you double or triple what chemicals cost and still must be combined with other organic products in order to show any significant results. Moreover, many of them are much harder to apply than chemical fertilizers. That’s not cost effective or time effective.

But, there is an organic product line available which is both cost effective AND time effective. AND, it will produce far better results than any other organic product line you’ve ever used. AND, it requires no more work than simply watering your lawn or garden.

AGGRAND Liquid Natural Organic Plantcare Products will provide consistent, observable results in less time and with less effort than chemical or other organic plantcare products available on the market. You just can’t beat these products. And you can’t beat the price either. Dollar for dollar you won’t find a more cost-effective fertilizer available.

The Secret Behind “Jack” and His “Beanstalk”

Honestly, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that it wasn’t really a “magic bean” in that story that miraculously created that fabled beanstalk to the giant’s castle – Jack just happened to be a faithful user of AGGRAND organic fertilizer products 🙂

Seriously, have you ever grown a 14″ string bean? How about an 18″ inch cucumber as big around as your forearm (and tasty too)? Tomatoes the size of softballs? Well get ready. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what AGGRAND Organic products can do for your lawn and garden, not to mention the flowers and trees around your house. This stuff works on everything.

This is your opportunity to show your neighbors that organic methods do work. Not only that, they can cost less and cause far fewer hassles than chemical plantcare methods. Who knows, maybe your lawn and garden will look so good your whole town will go organic.

Learn More or Place an Order Now

There is plenty of information on this site that I believe will convince you that AGGRAND is the right product for your application, so I encourage you to read as much as possible to make an educated decision. Check out our “Product Info” category or possibly our “Testimonials” area. Check out one of the links below for additional information, or click the yellow ORDER NOW button at the top-right of any page of this site.

Pricing for AGGRAND

Obviously, before you order a product like AGGRAND you’ll want to know what it’s going to cost you. Of course, you’ll first need to consult the documentation above to determine what sort of application rate you should expect to use (you can also call me toll free at 877-689-4719 or try the “online chat” using the green “help” button at the right of the page).

Once you’ve established an estimated application rate, simply click the link/button below to check the pricing of the product prior to purchase.

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Although one drawback of the product is that it requires a fair amount of water for application, the economical price, the results and the universal nature of the product make it a phenomenal choice for farmers, gardeners and homeowners alike. So, if you're looking for an inexpensive natural fertilizer that really works and don't mind the temporary "fishy smell", you really should consider AGGRAND organic fertilizer.