Often times it is believed that liquid fertilizers will wash out of the soil much more quickly than a granular fertilizer will. This is simply not true … or at least, it’s only half true. SOME liquid fertilizers will wash out of the soil quickly, but not because they are liquid. Fertilizer washout is not really a question of liquid vs granular, but rather a question of natural vs. chemical.

You see, AGGRAND liquid organic fertilizer offers both water soluble and water INsoluble nitrogen. The portion that is water soluble will be immediately utilized by the plant (especially if applied foliarly), while the insoluble portion will remain in the soil until the plant is ready to make use of it. The nutrition provided by AGGRAND natural fertilizer stays in the soil until it is utilized by the plant. You do not have to worry about wasted fertilizer or ground-water contamination when using AGGRAND, even though it is a liquid fertilizer.

So, now that we’ve addressed this misunderstanding about liquid fertilizers, let’s discuss the primary benefits of liquid based fertilizers which are derived from natural sources (some of these benefits MAY apply to chemically derived liquid fertilizers, but, if you’re investigating AGGRAND fertilizers, you probably already recognize that the drawbacks of using a chemically derived liquid fertilizer will far outweigh any potential benefits of it’s being in a liquid format):

Primary Benefits of Liquid Organic Fertilizer

  1. Liquid natural fertilizers can be applied via a multitude of different methods. You can apply them foliarly to the plant leaf via numerous types of sprayers (hose end, backpack, tow behind, boom, tank, mist heads, fertigation units, etc.). They can be applied as a banding application or soil drench. Run them through a drip system. Use them through root injection systems. Pretty much any way you can think of, a liquid fertilizer can be applied. They are very versatile.
  2. When applied foliarly, soil conditions are much less important. When applying fertilizer to the soil, soil conditions must be right in order for the nutrients in that fertilizer to reach the plant through the roots. pH adjustment is almost always necessary. Other amendments can also be required. When applying a liquid based fertilizer foliarly, the nutrients are immediately absorbed into the plant through the leaf membrane. In fact, testing has shown that nutrient levels within the plant will begin to rise within just a few minutes after a foliar fertilizer application. This makes for VERY fast results.
  3. Application is more efficient than with granular type products. Since most granular type products have differing particle sizes, most times they cannot effectively be applied together. However, with liquid based fertilizers, multiple products can often be applied in the very same mix, often with only as much water as would have been required to apply a single product. This saves time, labor costs, wear and tear on equipment, etc. You could apply AGGRAND 4-3-3 fertilizer along with our liquid lime to adjust pH, our liquid bonemeal to add additional phosphorus and calcium, and our 0-0-8 kelp and sulfate of potash for a boost of plant hormones, micronutrients and sulfur … all at the same time. One application. And, of course, if you have other liquid products you’d also like to apply (possibly liquid iron, a liquid organic pesticide or fungicide application, etc.) you can include those as well.
  4. Application of liquid fertilizer is often much faster than application of a comparable dry product when utilizing equipment of similar cost. Also, liquid sprayers can often go where dry fertilizer applicators cannot, since the booms will often fold up for easy transport and storage.

There are so many reasons to consider going with a liquid organic fertilizer that it almost seems like the decision should be very simple. However, often you already own the equipment to do dry fertilizer applications, so you have to consider the cost to replace that equipment with a liquid fertilizer sprayer. Moreover, it can be difficult to believe that a liquid fertilizer will NOT wash out of the soil when this is what you have been told, possibly for years.

Lastly, it is often difficult for people to really comprehend just how quickly you can see results from foliar application of a liquid organic fertilizer. Most people consider organics to be slow acting products, which often IS the case since many are granular type products which the plant has to take up through the roots. If the soil has not been well balanced, a fertilizer applied to the soil simply will not perform very well or very quickly. However, a liquid fertilizer application to the leaves almost completely bypasses soil conditions and bolsters plant health and growth almost immediately.

It is definitely worth your time to consider what it would take for you to switch to a liquid organic based fertilizer. Thousands of customers can attest to the ease of application and the amazing results of AGGRAND organic fertilizers. I hope that you will soon be one of them.

I look forward to working with you very soon.