There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the product shelf life of AGGRAND products and best storage practices to maximize that shelf life. But, assuming that you follow the instructions listed below, you can expect a product shelf life of 2 years from your date of purchase for all AGGRAND products EXCEPT the Liquid Lime which is only 1 year. In order to achieve that maximum shelf life, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. If possible, store in a cool, clean, dry, indoor location removed from direct sunlight.
  2. Ideal storage temperature would be between 50 and 80 degrees F.
  3. Extreme temperatures above 100 degrees or below 32 degrees F can lead to product separation. Rapidly changing temperatures can lead to water condensation and potential contamination of the product if not sealed tightly. Water contamination can promote microbial activity, which could make the product unusable.
  4. Temperatures above 120 degrees could negatively affect the microbes in the product, lessening this potential benefit of the fertilizer.
  5. If product is being stored for extended periods of time, and have been opened, be sure to seal containers tightly. In addition, prior to sealing, wipe away any potential contamination from the mouth of the opening before sealing back up.
  6. For best pour-ability and suspension when it comes time to use the product, periodic agitation can be helpful, but is not a necessity for storage.

If Product Separation Occurs

If you run into product separation issues due to contamination or improper storage, often the product can be re-agitated into suspension and is still usable. However, if it cannot be, you will likely not be able to spray the product. Fortunately, you can still thoroughly blend the product with good quality soil or manure and apply in this manner, so that you might still receive many of the same benefits as if you had been able to spray the product. It does not necessarily need to be disposed of.