There are, of course, alot of questions asked about AGGRAND organic fertilizer, but below you will find some of the more prevalent questions we receive, along with our responses.

AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer has a 4-3-3 NPK grade. Other fertilizers have much higher numbers. Why?

AGGRAND is known as a “low analysis fertilizer,” hence the 4-3-3. Higher numbers such as 27-3-3, 18-18-21, 8-8-8, etc., are achievable only through the use of manufactured chemicals such as urea, ammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate, etc…AGGRAND provides organic nutrients which encourage nature, enhancing its performance… naturally.

AGGRAND combines only the highest quality organic ingredients – fish solubles for macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK); and cold-water sea kelp concentrate, containing chelated micronutrients and trace elements extracted from sea water. Sea kelp also contains natural plant hormones which can increase fruit set and natural stress tolerance. Together they provide a balanced fertilizer which may be applied to the soil or foliage of the plant.

I use one of the highly advertised fertilizers. Why should I switch to AGGRAND?

We know that by applying a high analysis manufactured-chemical fertilizer you can achieve a plant response, but consider the negative effects it may have on the soil. Manufactured-chemical fertilizers have been shown to contribute to ground water contamination by leaching and surface run-off; create over-fed top-growth which is susceptible to insect and disease invasion; alter soil structure; and diminish soil microbial populations essential to nutrient cycling. Therefore, caring for the soil is as important as attending to the above-ground portion of the plant.

A well-balanced fertilizer program produces vigorous plants which use their natural defense mechanisms to tolerate insects, disease and environmental stress. Root systems reach farther into the soil profile, so they’re better able to use organic nutrients. Larger root systems also have greater carbohydrate reserves to sustain them through periods of stress.

There are other organic fertilizers and natural products available. Why is AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer better?

AGGRAND’S unique formulation makes it a fertilizer with universal application, offering both soil and foliar benefit. Other products are marketed as “organic-based” which simply means they are only partially organic; that is, they are “spiked” with manufactured-chemicals to boost their analysis. These are fundamentally just reformulated manufactured-chemicals. DON’T BE MISLED.

Advantages of AGGRAND

The following five categories are those in which AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer possesses a clear and dramatic advantage over competitive fertilizers -chemical or organic.

Proven Performance

AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer was developed through extensive research to respond to the needs of environmentally conscious home owners, turf managers and fruit and vegetable producers. The product was also developed with the retailer in mind to provide a user-friendly product to fit the liquid organic market demands. Its effectiveness has been proven in comprehensive laboratory, greenhouse and field testing. AGGRAND NOF plants demonstrated vigorous growth resulting in increased yields and more insect and disease tolerance.

Balanced Nutritional Program

A well-balanced, natural organic plant nutrition program provides plants with all the macro and micronutrients without the risk of excessive top-growth associated with typical high-nitrogen programs. High-nitrogen programs can also lead to increased susceptibility to insect, disease and drought-stress related problems.


AGGRAND NOF is ideal for vegetables, flowers, lawns, shrubs, trees and houseplants. It is a multi-purpose natural organic fertilizer, able to do the work of a shelf full of ordinary products.


AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer is available in cases of six-quart bottles or in 21/2 gallon pails, either of which is ideal for the garden, home or lawn. When used in conjunction with the Ferti-Gator hose-end sprayer or your existing pressure sprayer, a convenient, accurate fertilizer application is achieved. For larger applications 55-gallon drums and bulk orders are available.


AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer is your environmental choice. Organic fertilizers are naturally time-released, relying on soil microbes to metabolize complex compounds and make them available to plants. This is nature’s system of checks and balances; microbes are most active when conditions for plant growth are the best. As a result, nutrients are released when they are in the greatest demand.