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FAQs for AGGRAND Environmentally Safe Fertilizer

There are, of course, alot of questions asked about AGGRAND organic fertilizer, but below you will find some of the more prevalent questions we receive, along with our responses. AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer has a 4-3-3 NPK grade. Other fertilizers have much higher numbers. Why? AGGRAND is known as a “low analysis fertilizer,” hence the […]

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Why Use a Liquid Organic Fertilizer?

Liquid organic fertilizers can be blended & applied multiple ways. Poor soil conditions become less critical to plant performance. Results are immediate.

Often times it is believed that liquid fertilizers will wash out of the soil much more quickly than a granular fertilizer will. This is simply not true … or at least, it’s only half true. SOME liquid fertilizers will wash out of the soil quickly, but not because they are liquid. Fertilizer washout is not really a question of liquid vs granular, but rather a question of natural vs. chemical.

You see, AGGRAND liquid organic fertilizer offers both water soluble and water INsoluble nitrogen. The portion that is water soluble will be immediately utilized by the plant (especially if applied foliarly), while the insoluble portion will remain in the soil until the plant is ready to make use of it. The nutrition provided by AGGRAND natural fertilizer stays in the soil until …

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The Nitrogen I.V. Pump and “Soil Poverty”

The farming and gardening industries have relied heavily on water soluble nitrogen for growth for may years, but it’s catching up with them. Many are seeing diminishing returns from their fertilization efforts. This article helps explain why.

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Fulvic Acid vs Humic Acid Chelation

It is important to note that humus, humic acids, humates and their full soil function are as yet only somewhat understood by even the most advanced of agricultural scientists. Much is still unknown. However, what IS known is that if your soil is lacking these substances (and most soils these days are CRITICALLY lacking), all […]

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Organic Fish Kelp Seaweed Fertilizer: Tech Info

AGGRAND’S unique formulation of fish solubles, marine kelp, and microbial activator finally brings a user friendly organic product to the customer. While there has always been fish and kelp available to the consumer, they have developed a premixed formula and incorporated a microbial activator in the mix to make it a one of a kind […]

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Product Shelf Life & Storage Info

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the product shelf life of AGGRAND products and best storage practices to maximize that shelf life. But, assuming that you follow the instructions listed below, you can expect a product shelf life of 2 years from your date of purchase for all AGGRAND products EXCEPT the Liquid Lime which is only 1 year. In order to achieve that maximum shelf life, please adhere to the following guidelines:

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Increase BRIX for Better Plant Health

Higher BRIX means healthier & more nutrient rich plants and produce. Higher BRIX means less disease, less insects & longer produce shelf-life.

So, What Exactly IS Brix? Well, often Brix is referred to as the “sugar” or sucrose content of a plant or the produce from it, but this is a very simplistic and incomplete view of Brix. Although a high Brix value certainly indicates high sugar content, in actuality, Brix refers to the total …

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AGGRAND Soil Analysis Procedure Video

This post is going to be short and sweet. Not much to really type here. Just thought this video might prove useful to those of you who might be interested in using soil analysis to determine what sort of inputs you’re going to need. One thing to be aware of when using soil analysis to […]

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How Does AGGRAND Liquid Lime Work?

AGGRAND liquid lime is a cost effective, fast acting, no dust, minimal storage method for addressing pH. Save fuel – apply WITH your fertilizer application – in the same mix.

So, how much liquid lime is necessary? Well, that question depends upon what you intend on …

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