I had the opportunity to sell any fertilizer, but AGGRAND is the only one I decided to personally carry.

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Tom Edwards from Livonia, MI was the largest independent distributor of wildlife food plot products in the world and he says AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer revolutionized his business.

“At first we used the commercial chemical fertilizers and agricultural lime that was available in the area,” said Edwards. But right from the start it was obvious to him that there were downsides to using chemical fertilizers and ag lime.

“Using ag lime really limited us because you need rain to make it work and it takes a year to do its job. It’s also way too much work to get trucks full of ag lime into remote areas, which is where most food plots are.”

AGGRAND Natural Liquid Lime is much easier and just as effective, it starts working immediately.

“What really caught my attention about AGGRAND was the all-natural, organic aspects. It’s much less invasive to the local terrain.

“The days of just setting out an old corn crib loaded with chemicals that can leak out into the nearby creek are over. If a farmer tries that and run-off ends up in his neighbor’s land, the farmer is legally liable. Today farmers can go out of business from lawsuits over something like that. So I started educating myself on AGGRAND because it’s all-natural. Everyone I knew who used AGGRAND had phenomenal results.

“Some people don’t have their own land they can plant on. I’d advise these people to get permission to plant on government property. Once they find out you’re going to use an all-natural fertilizer, they will usually let you do it. When the DNR in Michigan found out some of my customers were going to fertilize with AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer there was no problem at all.

“My customers that have used Aggrand fertilizer on their food plots have seen the benefits first-hand. Their clover and alfalfa didn’t go dormant in summer during drought. It stayed green.

“The better your food plot is, the healthier the deer will be. Ideally the deer will be eating as much good food as possible from February to August. This is good for antler development, but it’s also great for does. When a doe has a fawn, they need two to three times the protein because they are lactating to feed the fawn. If a doe doesn’t have the right nutrition, the fawn won’t get it either. A healthy fawn now is a healthy buck in the future. That justifies AGGRAND on food plots for deer.

It’s also great for turkey, pheasant, partridge, quail, bear and all kinds of other animals. If your plot is green and luscious, you’re going to bring the animals in.

“Ninety-nine percent of growing is soil preparation. Aggrand Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime are perfect for this. Aggrand also promotes worm growth.

Worms produce hundreds of pounds of waste per acre in a year and that fertilizes the soil even further and allows your crop to yield longer even during a more stressful season.

“You can make your land a self-sustaining system. You’re only going to get out of the soil what you put in. So the more you do for your land, the more it will produce for you.

“AGGRAND gives you more bang for your buck and no harmful run-off.

“Many people plant their food plots near creeks, rivers and swamps. If you use chemical fertilizers you get runoff. AGGRAND is all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about harmful run-off.”

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