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NORWICH, N.Y. 13815

April 26, 1996

In my 30 years of experience in the turf business I have never been so overwhelmed by the produce performance of a fertilizer, as I have with AGGRAND Natural Organic Fertilizer and other AGGRAND products.

Previously a confirmed Scotts and Lesco user, I now supplement these programs with AGGRAND Fertilizer. My Greens, Tees, and Approaches get a once a month treatment as a supplement. My fairways get two applications per year. 1995 was the year to prove drought tolerance improvement with AGGRAND. My Greens were in the best condition that they have been in for the past 10 years. I was able to cut them shorter, 6 weeks sooner than previous years. I was able to hold this height longer also. The turf was healthier than without the use of AGGRAND fertilizer. My belief is that this product enhances the turf’s ability to ward off disease and stress continues to repeat itself over and over again. The end result is turf that withstands all the punishment that Nature and Man can submit it to. A turf that is lush green, but not overstimulated by excess Nitrogen, which just cause us to cut it more. I was able to reduce my fungicide use considerably in Spring and early Summer. Disease pressure was extreme in July and August and I had to resume my scheduled applications.

I did a cost comparison and AGGRAND was clearly the most cost effective fertilizer by 50%. Although I have not eliminated the use of chemical fertilizers, I have reduced it by 30-80%. As far as safety goes, I have treated my Bentgrass Nursery with up to 5 times the rate (2 gallons per acre) with absolutely no detrimental effects. The only thing I got was healthier, greener turf with stronger root systems, making it easier to move when the sod was cut. In fairway use, I got quicker green-up than with the use of chemical fertilizers and last year my treated fairways (nonirrigated) stayed greener about 3 to 4 weeks longer than did my control fairways. They were also the first to recover in October when the rains started.

I also have used this on flowers (the best show we have ever had), ornamentals, small trees. With flowers I have had flowering Begonias go from 10 blossoms to over 100 in 3 weeks. This is something I have never experienced before. The same held true for impatients, petunias, etc. In the case of the small trees, I put the diluted AGGRAND fertilizer right in with the root ball. These trees have flowered sooner and are much thicker than my control trees. I have used it in soil prep and subsequent seeding with germination about 50% sooner. When sodding I experienced substantially improved rooting.

Three years ago I was very skeptical about this product. At 4% Nitrogen what could it possibly do? In actuality the Cytokinin found in the kelp is a bio-stimulant to the plant. In 1995 I used over 150 gallons of AGGRAND fertilizer. I am now a firm believer in AGGRAND products and in the Natural Organic Theory. Previously I thought Organics were very slow and you may never see the benefit of the application. I have no changed my thinking. AGGRAND is the one that works. NOW. As a professional, I would certainly recommend this product to anyone.

Joseph A. Taranto