The McCorry farm in Planada, Calif. is another AGGRAND success story.

John McCorry Sr., and his son, John McCorry Jr., are owners/growers of a 350-acre family farm. The McCorrys sell the hay to a local dairy for its herd.

aggrand-hay-production“Last year on the fourth cutting I got 1,600 bails,” said John McCorry Sr. “This year’s fourth cutting on the same field produced 2,000 bails. Using chemical fertilizers I would see a drop off in production by this time.”

This is the first year McCorry has used AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash. “There are many variables in farming that can affect production,” the senior McCorry said. It was the fourth year and fourth cutting when the McCorrys started using AGGRAND products in 2011.

“AGGRAND is saving me money and increasing production,” McCorry said. “The good about AGGRAND: This is the best I’ve seen off this field and this is the fifth cutting on the fifth year,” said John McCorry Jr. “The bad about AGGRAND: The hay is so thick I’m taking a lot longer cutting and
the drying time is much longer than I’m used to.”

McCorry senior said his son complains that his job takes longer, but he also thinks it was a wise move to a more sustainable use of the land. “This AGGRAND fertilizer brings a new meaning to ‘If it sounds too good to be true’ it cost less and brings in more production and is easy to apply,” said John McCorry Sr.