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605 Halls Road South
Whitby, Ontario L1N 5R4 430-7672

Mr. A.J. Amatuzio
President & CEO
Superior, Wisconsin 54880

Dear Mr. Amatuzio,

It has been a great pleasure using your AGGRAND products, both being profitable and environmentally safe. I will first tell you my results using AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer.

Using the recommended mixture of fertilizer to water, I sprayed my 10 acres of Tomatoes about fifteen days after planting my plugs. I then sprayed again using the recommended mixture when my Tomato plants showed their first bloom. The result was about 30 to 40% more tomatoes on each vine. I am presently harvesting my 10 acres with profound results. The tomatoes are much larger than I have had in prior years using granular fertilizer. Also other years tomatoes are under much stress due to weather, resulting in blossom and root and cracking. This year I have had no rot and cracking was at about 2%.

I sprayed approximately 5 acres of pumpkins also with two applications, the first at about the three leaf stage, the second when the plants were about one foot tall. This resulted in a very good crop of large Pumpkins. I last sprayed a small section of my soy beans only once. I was surprised to see the sprayed section was about six inches taller and averaged approximately 5 more beans per stalk.

I strongly believe in your AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer and believe this product will increase the number of farms that will grow their fruits and/or vegetables organically in the coming years. Not only is your product safe for the public, but also for the environment.

Yours Truly,

Dan Shisko

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