Yet another example of the tremendous results that AGGRAND fertilizers offer on hay and pasture areas. Improved health, increased yield, better nutrition … just better all-around. Not only does the gentleman in the example below double his overall yield, there is no question that he has reduced his costs with chemical fertilizer costs as high as they are. One gallon of AGGRAND 4-3-3 fertilizer costs next to nothing compared to the cost of fertilizing with synthetic fertilizers these days.

aggrand-hay-production-gary-lordTexas American Quarter Horse Association cutting horse champion Gary Lord from the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas area gets great results using AGGRAND fertilizers. Dealer Bob Geyer worked with Lord at the L-Spur Ranch throughout this growing season to produce quality hay for competitive horses.

This is the first year Lord has used AGGRAND products and he increased his production of Coastal Hay by two fold. “I got a little over twice the yield this year, I have just a little over twice as much hay in my barn,” Lord said.

Using a foliar application rate of one gallon of AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 per acre in early spring and then supplementing the hay between cuttings with one gallon of natural fertilizer, one-third gallon of Natural Kelp and Sulfate of Potash and one half gallon of Natural Liquid Bonemeal per acre produced double the amount of bales this season.

Lord has been growing hay and pasture for 40 years and has tried many competitive products both granular and liquid. “This product works,” Lord said. “Considering that the hay and pasture grown in this area of the country are grown on non-irrigated ground, dependent on rain for irrigation and we had a drought year to boot, AGGRAND products performed very well,” Lord said.

Lord and his wife, Rene, have trained horses, raised livestock, farmed in both central California and Texas and owned several ranches. Both were raised and lived in the agricultural community all their lives and know agriculture well. They know quality animals and they know farming.