Farming Reviews & Testimonials

AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer Reviews & Testimonials

These testimonials are proof that AGGRAND is a tremendous fertilizer that offers proven effectiveness on just about anything that grows.

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AGGRAND Gives Outstanding Corn Yield

I have never experienced the consistently impressive results I’ve had with AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer & Liquid Lime these past 6 or 7 years. It exceeds all of my expectations. “These cobs are as big around as soda pop cans and 12 to 14 inches long,” Ward said. “The yield was great because there were so many kernels on each cob.”

An added benefit to the exceptional corn crop was the stimulation of dormant clover that grew between the rows. Although Ward didn’t remember clover having been there, it seemed a combination of the AGGRAND 4-3-3/liquid lime mix, the right amount of rain and the higher than normal temperatures stimulated clover growth. Ward was happy about the clover because he planned to …

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AGGRAND Produces an Increase of 400 Bales

John McCorry Sr., and his son, John McCorry Jr., are owners/growers of a 350-acre family farm. The McCorrys sell the hay to a local dairy for its herd.

“Last year on the fourth cutting I got 1,600 bails,” said John McCorry Sr. “This year’s fourth cutting on the same field produced 2,000 bails. Using chemical fertilizers I would see a drop off in production by this time.”

This is the first

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AGGRAND at Shisko’s Country Produce

I strongly believe in your AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer and believe this product will increase the number of farms that will grow their fruits and/or vegetables organically in the coming years.

Using the recommended mixture of fertilizer to water, I sprayed my 10 acres of Tomatoes about fifteen days after planting my plugs. I then sprayed again using the recommended mixture when my Tomato plants showed their first bloom. The result was about 30 to 40% more tomatoes on each vine. I am presently harvesting my 10 acres with profound results.

The tomatoes are much larger than I have had in prior years using granular fertilizer. Also other years tomatoes are under much stress due to weather, resulting in blossom and root and cracking. This year I …

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AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer on Alfalfa

Why should you use AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3? To improve your bottom line. Dealer John Gore, Bedford, Ind., saw an increase in the number of bales of hay this past summer that raised his income by nearly $3,000. Gore bales and sells his hay to local farmers. “Producing large quantities of high quality hay can […]

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100% Increase in Hay Production With AGGRAND

This is the first year Lord has used AGGRAND products and he increased his production of Coastal Hay by two fold. “I got a little over twice the yield this year, I have just a little over twice as much hay in my barn,” Lord said.

Using a foliar application rate of one gallon of AGGRAND Natural Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 per acre in early spring and then supplementing the hay between cuttings with one

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