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AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer Reviews & Testimonials

These testimonials are proof that AGGRAND is a tremendous fertilizer that offers proven effectiveness on just about anything that grows.

AGGRAND Organic Fertilizer for Lawncare

If you’re considering using the AGGRAND product line to care for your own or your customers’ lawns, the information on this page may prove useful to you. You might first want to take a look at our BENEFITS sheet which details some of the primary ways that the AGGRAND product line benefits you as a lawncare/landscape […]

Who Else Needs a Cost Cutting Fertilizer for Hay & Pasture?

Hay, meadows and pasture typically require the lowest AGGRAND organic fertilizer application rates of any “crop”.

For most all pasture grasses such as Fescues, Alfalfa and such, 1 gallon to 1½ gallons of our 4-3-3 fish/kelp fertilizer per acre per application will provide good results. For southern grasses such as Coastal Bermuda, it may be necessary to go a little heavier at about 1½ gallons to 2 gallons per acre per application. However, often the same …

Cattle Farming: “Flash Mob” Grazing

Mob grazing seems to be the new craze in cattle and dairy operations, with many people standing up to take notice, either in favor of or in opposition to it. Opinions are definitely mixed, and, with little research having been done as of yet, virtually all of the information related to this grazing method is […]

Certified Organic FDA Registered Medicine

Just ran across this “Forces of Nature” site today. Have not tried their products yet, so, I can’t speak to their effectiveness. However, it is definitely something new to find a company that is selling not only certified organic medicinal products, but also FDA Registered. Of course, I’m not a big fan of the FDA, […]

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