aggrand-local-dealer-maybeIn case you’re having trouble finding it, there IS a way to search for a local AGGRAND dealer (in fact three ways), and I’ll show you in a moment just how to do it. However, first, I’d like to briefly tell you why that MIGHT not be the best plan.

Now, let me begin by saying that only YOU can decide which way you want to go with this, and I always try to be as up-front with people as I can be. So, just know that you MAY be better off looking specifically for a local AGGRAND dealer if:

  • You already know all you need to know about AGGRAND
  • You’re already well versed in the best methods for applying liquid fish/kelp fertilizers
  • You’re clear on the application rates, schedules and methods for the various plants you may apply the products to
  • You know which AGGRAND product or combination of products is going to perform best for your application
  • You really don’t like communicating by phone or email


  • There IS a local dealer who really knows the products well and has a good understanding of organic growing in general

If most or all of the above are true for you, then you may be able to skip what I’m about to say and simply move on to the “Howto Find a Local AGGRAND Dealer” section below. Otherwise, please take some time to consider the below information before you decide whether you truly need a local dealer or not.

Knowledge and Experience are Critical

Even though there is a certain security and familiarity that comes with working “local”, in this case it might prove to be a poor choice. You see, AGGRAND is a subsidiary of a larger company called AMSOIL. AMSOIL produces environmentally friendly, long drain synthetic lubricants and filtration systems. A dealer of AGGRAND is a dealer of AMSOIL and vice versa. If you’re a dealer of one, you’re a dealer of both.

However, just because a dealer CAN promote both product lines doesn’t mean they all do. In fact, MANY dealers focus exclusively on one product line or the other. Moreover, since AMSOIL is the larger, older and more well-known brand within the company, the vast majority of the dealers in the AMSOIL/AGGRAND network focus almost exclusively on the AMSOIL product line, taking little time to learn the AGGRAND products or the applications they might be used for.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. If a dealer chooses to focus on the AMSOIL line, that is certainly his or her choice, and they may be VERY knowledgeable about those products. But, if you end up with them as your “sponsoring” dealer, you may be hard pressed to get your AGGRAND product or application specific questions answered correctly or at all.

Now, that doesn’t mean there are NO dealers out there that are well versed in the AGGRAND products and in organic growing practices. There are some very knowledgeable dealers out there. They are just few and far between. We’re spread across all of North America and I could probably count on 2 hands the number of AGGRAND dealers out there that are REALLY knowledgeable about the products and the many applications they can be used for.

In contrast, by registering as one of my accounts you gain access to the knowledge and expertise gained over 17 years working with the agricultural, ornamental and turf industries. There are VERY few questions you could ask me that I wouldn’t be able to answer or quickly get answered for you.

Will a Local Dealer Charge Shipping?

In many cases, especially if you plan on ordering any significant volume, having a local dealer isn’t necessarily going to save you much when it comes to shipping costs. Most dealers don’t carry alot of inventory on hand, and certainly not enough inventory for a larger application that might require drum size purchases. So, whatever product you need would likely still have to be ordered from the company.

Of course, anytime product is shipped there are shipping costs. So, whether the dealer has the product shipped directly to you or has it shipped to them first, shipping costs will be incurred, and it is unlikely that most dealers are going to eat those shipping costs, especially if they are a newer, smaller dealer who likely couldn’t afford to even if they wanted to.

So, whether you sign up with a local dealer or not, you’ll probably pay shipping costs either way (unless you live close enough to one of our warehouses to pickup the product directly, in which case it still won’t matter if your dealer is local or not).

What About Timely Answers to Questions?

In this age of cellphones, texting, email, fax and live chat, it’s often just as fast and convenient to contact someone on the other side of the country as it is someone across town. And, since there is a good chance that your local dealer is a “part-timer”, it may not always be easy to get in touch with him or her when you are in need of assistance.

So, here again, I’m not sure that “local” is necessarily as much of a benefit as it once may have been. So, unless you are one of those individuals that just has to meet with someone face to face in order to be comfortable doing business with them, I don’t think you necessarily need to go local on this one either.

In the End, It’s Up to You

You’ll have to decide the relative importance of the above issues to you and whether going local is going to address those issues or not. At the end of the day, what you really want is to work with a dealer that you feel comfortable with and that can answer your questions effectively. Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email (just click the “About Us” link at the top of any page for contact info) and drill me with your hardest questions.

See how quickly I respond and whether my answers are complete, detailed and make sense to you. Do our personalities “jive”? Do you enjoy speaking with me or do I annoy you? Not everyone’s personalities mesh very well, no matter how nice or knowledgeable they may be. Give the same “test” to other dealers you may be considering and see if they pass or fail. Just be sure to keep track of who’s who so you know who you want to sign up with in the end.

Finally. How to Find a Local AGGRAND Dealer

If, following all of the above, you still have need or interest in seeking out a local dealer, there are three basic ways you can go about it. First, check your local Yellow Page listings under “fertilizer” or similar categories. Personally, I think it’s better to look here than in the business portion of the “white pages” under AGGRAND.

The reason for that is, it costs more money to be listed in the Yellow Pages. Thus, the guys that you find there are likely to be a bit more serious about the AGGRAND side of their business than those who are only listed in the “white pages” area. But, you could check the “white pages” section as well.

Next, simply do a Google Search for AGGRAND and your city, state. For instance, “AGGRAND Lowell, MI” (but don’t put it in quotes). See what comes up. Of course, this might have been rather obvious to you, and you might have already tried that. But, for some people who don’t have as much Internet experience, that might not have been quite so obvious.

Lastly, you can actually use the AMSOIL corporate website to look for a local dealer. The AGGRAND corporate website does not have a “local dealer” lookup. I imagine this is because the AMSOIL company does not have any way to differentiate between dealers who focus on the AGGRAND product line and dealers who focus on the AMSOIL product line.

Since the vast majority of dealers focus much more heavily on the AMSOIL product line than on AGGRAND, having a lookup on the AGGRAND site wouldn’t make much sense. Potential customers would use the lookup to find a local dealer only to find out once they called them that they didn’t really know anything about the AGGRAND products. Obviously, customers would get pretty annoyed by that.

So, as a last resort, if the other two methods above do not turn up a local dealer for you, and you really feel you need one, you can use the lookup on the AMSOIL website. Just know that there’s a pretty good chance that you could call 10 or 20 dealers before you find one that really knows much about the AGGRAND product at all, and even then they may not be all that terribly knowledgeable.

Then again, as I said, there ARE some other dealers out there are REALLY know their stuff when it comes to AGGRAND and organic growing. So, it’s certainly possible that one of them may be in your neck of the woods and you may stumble upon them through the lookup. However, if there IS someone in your area that really knows the AGGRAND products well, chances are you’ll find them via one of the previous two methods first.

Hope that helps.