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Already know that AGGRAND products are right for you, but want to know how to purchase them? Here you’ll find information related to the various methods of online, telephone and wholesale ordering options available to you.

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Bulk Organic Fertilizer Pricing

AGGRAND is a terrific (and extremely cost effective) liquid organic fertilizer that works exceptionally well on a wide range of agricultural crops, providing enhanced yield, better nutritional quality, higher BRIX levels, better drought resistance, increased pest and fungus resistance and long-term soil enhancement for better results year after year. Even AGGRAND retail pricing is relatively […]

Ordering & Shipping Info

AGGRAND offers 5 very effective liquid natural organic plantcare products, including: liquid fish and kelp fertilizer, our “Organic Series” fish and kelp fertilizer, liquid bonemeal, liquid lime and a kelp and sulfate of potash product. Please read below to learn about these products and how to order them. Bulk Wholesale Pricing for Farmers, Etc. For […]

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