aggrand-company-historyEstablished in 1992 to address the growing need for inexpensive, yet effective natural fertilizer solutions, AGGRAND is a subsidiary of an older, larger company called AMSOIL. AMSOIL has been in business since the early 70’s producing environmentally friendly long drain motor oils and filtration systems designed to significantly reduce used motor oil and filter waste while at the same time reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Having spent quite a number of years helping farmers to reduce their motor oil related expenses, Al Amatuzio, founder of AMSOIL Inc., decided there was more he could do. So, he set out to learn as much as he could about organic growing and fertilization, so that he could produce a cost effective option for farmers and homeowners to use.

Getting Off to a Slow Start

After numerous years of research and development, the AGGRAND product was finally ready to be released. Unfortunately, the market wasn’t yet ready for AGGRAND. As much as people were beginning to wake up to the need for more natural growing and fertilization methods, the market was not yet big enough for the AGGRAND product to make the “splash” that Al was hoping for.

As a result, for many years the AGGRAND product line took on a “backseat” role within the AMSOIL company. Although many AMSOIL dealers saw the AGGRAND product line as a tremendous opportunity to grow their business, many others could not understand how an organic fertilizer product could fit into their automotive and motor oil focused business.

Little did those dealers know what a tremendous “splash” AGGRAND would make in years to come as the “green revolution” took hold and chemical fertilizer prices began to skyrocket beyond what most small farmers could afford.

Finally … The Market is Ready

Over the past 10 years or so, consumers have increasingly been pushing for more natural, organic foods and other products in order to minimize their families’ exposure to harmful chemicals. As a result, sales of AGGRAND organic fertilizers have been on the rise as word of the product’s low price and incredible effectiveness has spread. Combine that with the steep increase in chemical fertilizer costs and this has been a perfect opportunity to put AGGRAND into the hands of farmers so they too can see the tremendous results.

For the last 3-4 years, AGGRAND sales volume as more than doubled every year as more and more farmers, gardeners and homeowners have discovered this wonderfully cost effective product line. In response to the growing demand, AGGRAND has now upgraded to a state of the art storage, blending and packaging facility which can easily meet and exceed current and expected future demand for the product.

Holding the Line on Prices

Of course, with this increase in demand and sky high prices of competing chemical fertilizers, you’d expect that AGGRAND pricing would have rose considerably over the years (as has been the case with many other organic products, which are often to expensive for most people to use cost effectively). However, that has not been the case. In fact, while many other products have easily doubled or tripled in price over the last 20 years (those that have even been around that long), AGGRAND pricing has only risen about 20% over that time-frame.

As a company and a dealer network we are committed to keeping prices low so that farmers and small gardeners alike will have a cost effective, natural way to fertilize their lawns, gardens and crops both now and into the future.

There has never been a better time to switch to AGGRAND. Our company history tells a story of a brand dedicated to quality, customer satisfaction, spectacular results and total environmental protection.

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