aggrand work at home dealership opportunity

For those who have tested the AGGRAND products and have discovered just how effective they are at improving plant and soil health and increasing growth and production, there is a dealer sales opportunity that should not be overlooked. Many dealers are making a very good living selling AGGRAND fertilizers to a wide range of customers through their own work at home business.

Learn the products and provide good service and support and you could certainly make a solid income selling a product you can be proud of. AGGRAND products have helped tens of thousands of homeowners and commercial growers to reduce their costs while improving their results, and you could now be the one they purchase it from – whether in your town or across North America.

No Product Sales … No Commissions

Let’s be up-front about something right from the start. Although this is a network marketing (multi-level marketing / MLM) business, the company does not play it fast and loose with the commissions. Don’t expect big bonuses just for signing people up. That isn’t how we work around here.

It’s all about the product. Any company that does not provide a quality product or service isn’t a real company. MLM businesses that pay large bonuses just for signing people up as distributors generally are here today and gone tomorrow because the product or service they are offering is not worth the price they are selling it for.

In contrast, AGGRAND products are easily worth considerably more than we are selling them for and compare very favorably against other products on the market. Even WITHOUT becoming a distributor, a customer can get a very good price on AGGRAND products. And, just because you sign them up as an account, that doesn’t mean you’re going to make a commission. They have to actually purchase product, and you have to actually support them and answer their questions when they need your help.

That being said, there is a tremendous opportunity here.

Potential Income Scenario

Obviously, everyone is different, and no income projection is going to apply to every person. Some are part-time. Some are able to sell full-time. Some are real “go getters”, others are more reserved and wait for business to come to them. We’re not here to turn you into someone that you are not.

We’re not going to try and coax you into this business or push you to build your business. That has to be an internal motivation. But, if you’re motivated to grow your business, we’ll provide you the tools you need to make it happen and a product that will generate alot of word of mouth.

How much money could be made? Well, let’s focus on farming for a moment. Certainly you can sell to other markets – homeowners and small gardeners, lawncare professionals, turf maintenance professionals, etc. But, by and large, you’ll make the most money selling to farmers, and, even if you know nothing about farming or fertilizer, we can help you become an expert AND, in most cases, you don’t need to BE an expert to sell AGGRAND. You just have to be honest with people and point out the potential benefits.

So, let’s assume you can do that and you start marketing to farmers. Many farmers are working 100 acres or more. A large percentage have 500 acres or more. Some as many as a thousand or even multiple thousands of acres.

In fact, I spoke to a farmer the other day who was caring for 6500 acres. I didn’t happen to land that particular account, but, it wasn’t at all beyond the realm of possibility. THEY called me to inquire. I also spoke to a farmer just today who cares for about 1500 acres who’s VERY interested in the products. So, don’t think you couldn’t land an account like that. You can.

Nevertheless, what if you just signed up 100 acre accounts. Just one each day for three months prior to the “spring rush”. And, let’s say you take your weekends off to spend with family. That leaves 5 days per week for 12 weeks … 60 days (or, in other words, 60 accounts).

So, that’s a total of 6,000 acres of farm land. Even the least “hungry” crops need about 3 gallons of our 4-3-3 fertilizer per acre per season. So, over the course of a season, those farming accounts would need at least 18,000 gallons of fertilizer. That’s about 325 55-gallon drums of fertilizer.

Since you’ll make about $150 on every drum of fertilizer you sell, that would be a profit of nearly $50,000 for three months work. And, I’m here to tell you, if you talk to just 10-15 farmers per day, I can nearly guarantee you that you’ll sign up an average of one 100 acre farm per day. Some days you won’t sign any or will sign up a few smaller farms, but, some days you’ll hit a larger account of hundreds of acres.

That $50,000 figure is not at all unrealistic if you just get out and talk to people (or even call farmers on the phone to discuss what AGGRAND can do for them). And, quite frankly, since many crops require more than 3 gallons of our fertilizer per acre per season, those same 60 accounts could actually earn you as much as double that $50,000 figure. Add to that our other products, such as our liquid lime, and you might be able to double it again.

This is Not a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme

Please do not take the projections above to be “set in stone”. They are an example of what you COULD do if you really set your mind to it and simply set a goal of talking with 10-15 farmers each and every business day for 12 weeks straight. That’s not unreasonable, but, not everyone could do it, either because of their schedule or their tolerance for rejection (you could very well be turned away by all but one or two of those 10 or 15 farmers).

Either way, the scenario above is not without work. But, simply talking with people about AGGRAND products isn’t all that terribly difficult. And, once you sign up an account, your job consists of simply answering their future questions and helping them learn how to use the product, how to order, etc. Their orders will be placed directly with the company. Their orders will be handled and shipped by the company. And, then, your commissions will be paid to you by the company, for every order that each of those accounts ever places in the future.

So, even if only half of those customers returned the following year, but, you turned around and did the exact same thing the next year, you can see how your annual salary could add up, even for just a few months work. Don’t underestimate the potential of this business. And don’t forget that you only make money when you’ve got happy customers. A quality product and quality service nearly always result in a happy customer. So, you know what you’ve got to do. Now what are you waiting for?

It Costs Nearly Nothing to Sign Up

Becoming an AGGRAND dealer costs next to nothing. Just $15 for a six month trial dealership. Now, you may find other dealers out there that will offer to pay for your dealership to get you to sign up, but I’m not going to do that. What I AM going to do is to simply tell you that it matters who you sign up under. And, that $15 savings could be the most costly thing you ever do, because it could easily cost you thousands in lost commissions if you sign up under a dealer who doesn’t know the business, the industry or the products as well as they should.

Let’s face it. This is MLM. Many people starting an MLM business think they are just going to sit on their butt and millions of dollars are just going to start showing up in their mailbox. That’s not who you want to sign up under. You want a dealer with experience, a dealer who has worked with farmers, homeowners and lawncare/landscape professionals for well over a decade and knows the ins and outs of those industries and how to market to them.

You also want to sign up under a dealer who can offer you resources that will kick start your business and give you an edge over other competitors in the marketplace. With me, you have all of that and more. So, I encourage you to do your homework. Feel free to check out other dealers, if you like. But, please be sure to bookmark this page. I guarantee, once you’ve done your homework, you’ll come back here to sign up, even though I’m not going to pay your dealer registration fee.

When you do, simply click the “Dealer Information & Sign-up” link button below. You’ll immediately be taken to a page with more info and a way to sign up online, quickly and easily.