You could be selling AGGRAND organic products

You could be selling AGGRAND organic products

ROTS accounts are typically for those situations where you’ll be selling primarily through a storefront of sorts, directly to customers. In some cases, you can also sell the products via your website or a catalog, although there are certain restrictions. You would purchase the product at wholesale from the company, store the product at your location and resell that product to your customers at whatever retail price you see fit.

It is not necessary as a Retail on the Shelf account to purchase in extremely large quantities, although larger volume purchases will qualify for bigger discounts. Depending upon your clientele, you can purchase quarts, 2.5 gallon bottles, 5 gallon pails (for some products), 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes. Quarts and 2.5 gallon bottles can be purchased in “eaches” or in cases.

We will provide you with all the support and literature you need to be able to effectively educate customers about the products so as to increase your sales. Your success is our success, so we want to help you sell as much product as possible.

Please also understand that, if your needs change down the road or you find that a ROTS Account just isn’t offering you the flexibility you need, your account status can always be “modified” to accommodate this change. So, do not worry that you’ll be “stuck” in the wrong type of account. It can always be changed later.

If you think a Retail on the Shelf account might be something that would fit your needs, keep reading. Check out the options in the section below to be sure that another account option might not be a better fit. If not, I’ll tell you further down this page how to quickly and easily setup a Retail on the Shelf (ROTS) account.

Other Account Types MIGHT Be Better for You

If you are interested in possibly purchasing AGGRAND products in larger quantities and/or are considering selling AGGRAND products in some capacity, a Preferred Customer account may not be the best option for you. Below are some brief descriptions of other account types that might better “fit the bill”.

The Dealership Opportunity

An AGGRAND dealership account is somewhat similar to a Preferred Customer account. The pricing structure is the same, and this is an account type that is primarily meant for individuals. However, a dealership account adds commissions and profits to the mix so that you can not only get a cheap price on AGGRAND products, but could also make a good living selling the products in various ways.

Dealers can purchase products at wholesale in order to sell them directly to customers at retail. In this case, they would, obviously, earn retail profit on those sales, but would also earn commissions on their original purchase of the products. A dealership account also provides the flexibility of being able to have product drop shipped to customers, set up other accounts and earn commissions and possibly retail profit from their orders (even without TAKING the actual orders or supplying the product directly). Customers don’t HAVE to purchase in large volumes in order to be a dealer.

Dealers can also sign up other dealers and make commissions on THOSE dealers’ total business sales. And, if you’re ears are pricking up as this “dealership option” is beginning to sound a bit like MLM or Network Marketing, you’re right. It is. So, if that’s not something you’re interested, in ROTS or Commercial Account may be a better option for you.

However, if you’re not necessarily averse to MLM (especially with a company that doesn’t just pay big bonuses for signing people up, but actually focuses on PRODUCT SALES in order to earn commissions), then a dealership might be a good option for you.

You can find more info on our Dealership Information page.

Commercial Account

If you are a commercial grower, lawncare/landscape company or other end user who will likely be making purchases of 55 gallons of AGGRAND product or more at a time, chances are this is likely the best account type for you. Commercial accounts are designed for larger volume buyers who will be USING the product in the course of their business.

In other words, if you will be APPLYING the fertilizer to a crop, lawn, garden or other area, and the area you have to cover will require drum, tote or tanker truck quantities of product, you would be classified as a commercial account user in order to get the best wholesale prices on AGGRAND products.

More information and an account sign-up request form can be found on the Commercial Account Info page.

Preferred Customer (PC)

Lastly, if you don’t want to pay retail and won’t likely be purchasing more than a few 5 gallon cases at a time, but you’re not necessarily interested in selling the product, a Preferred Customer account is an option. For a small annual fee ($20/year – or $10 for an initial 6 month trial), you receive a significant discount off of retail pricing (at least 25%). You just can’t sell the product. It can only be for your own use.

You can find more information on our Preferred Customer Info page.

Ordering AGGRAND Products With a ROTS Account

Once you have your ROTS wholesale buying account setup, ordering is actually quite easy and very flexible. You may place your order online through the corporate website using your account number. You may place your order by phone through the toll free ordering line. Or, you may place your order by fax or mail. Payment is generally taken by credit card.

Setting Up A Retail on the Shelf Account

Setup is actually quite simple. Simply complete the form below and submit it. Within just days you’ll be “in the system” and ready to place orders.

More Info & a Wholesale Purchasing Account

No obligation to purchase anything & no payment info required. Register using the form below. It’s a ONE STEP form. Fill out the information in the below form, hit the submit button and you’re done with the form.

There is NO second page requiring additional information. Within a few days, you’ll be registered as a Wholesale Buyer and can begin ordering at wholesale prices (whether for testing purposes or for full-scale use).

Retail on the Shelf Account Request