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AGGRAND Dealership Opportunity

For those who have tested the AGGRAND products and have discovered just how effective they are at improving plant and soil health and increasing growth and production, there is a dealer sales opportunity that should not be overlooked. Many dealers are making a very good living selling AGGRAND fertilizers to a wide range of customers.

Learn the products and provide good service and support and you could certainly make a solid income selling a product you can be proud of. AGGRAND products have helped tens of thousands of homeowners and commercial growers to reduce their costs while improving their results, and you could now be the one they purchase it from – whether in your town or across North America.

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The History of AGGRAND

Established in 1992 to address the growing need for inexpensive, yet effective natural fertilizer solutions, AGGRAND is a subsidiary of an older, larger company called AMSOIL. AMSOIL has been in business since the early 70’s producing environmentally friendly long drain motor oils and filtration systems designed to significantly reduce used motor oil and filter waste […]

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New AGGRAND Fertilizer Blending Facility

In the following video you’ll hear from multiple AGGRAND employees regarding the improvement to AGGRAND’s blending and packaging facility. As of 2009, we now have a 17,000 square foot facility, with 10 dock doors, access to rail cars for import and shipment of tanker truck loads, and product storage containers capable of handling over 30,000 gallons at a time. That means that we can easily produce 4-5 times as much product at one time as we could from our previous facility.

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AGGRAND’s Walt Sandbeck Certified Crop Advisor

Walt Sandbeck, AGGRAND’s fertilizer specialist, was recently certified as a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) by the American Society of Agronomy, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Having known Walt for quite a number of years, he has always been a true professional. On quite a number of occassions he has assisted me with questions I may have had about the products or application of them.

In order to obtain this certification, Walt passed an International CCA exam as well as the CCA exam for the State of Wisconsin. In addition, the ASA considered his nearly 10 years working as a crop advisor at AGGRAND and the additional documentation that he provided to show his professional competence.

“Walt brings a high degree of knowledge and professionalism to AGGRAND,” said Chris Orr, AGGRAND business manager. “He is the

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Local AGGRAND Dealer Lookup

In case you’re having trouble finding it, there IS a way to search for a local AGGRAND dealer (in fact three ways), and I’ll show you in a moment just how to do it. However, first, I’d like to briefly tell you why that MIGHT not be the best plan. Now, let me begin by […]

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